About LP

In addition to being short for lotions and potions, LP is me – Liz Perry. A writer by profession, I am a product junkie by default. I am not even sure how this obsession developed, but I do know it has grown over recent years as more and more people have asked me for advice and opinions.

The Basics

Career: Public Relations, Employee Communications

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Master of Arts in Leadership

Home: Omaha, Nebraska

Age: Early 30’s

Family Situation: Long term beau, three gorgeous doggies

Other: Longtime vegetarian

My greatest goal with LPO is save others time and money, and to share my love of trying new things. You will not see me doing any endorsements, in fact if I don’t like something, I don’t think I’m even capable of lying about it. I’m just really bad at lying! If I receive any product I review for free or as a sample with purchase, I will disclose that. Also, if a product doesn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean it won’t work well for someone with a different hair or skin type. Soooo that being said, a few more things about me in relation to products:

Eyes – Green

Skin – As pale as possible, always the lightest foundation any company offers, tends to be quite dry, have generally been acne prone throughout my life but I am starting to worry a little more about splotchiness and the beginnings of wrinkles

Hair – Blonde (most of the time), normal thickness but a lot of it

Clothing – I am tall and have large feet, so you may see a few resources on this. I will however include things for the petite chicas if I stumble upon them.

Enjoy LPO. I hope you find it useful. I am ALWAYS open to comments, questions, and suggestions.

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