Feels so Funky, Works so Well

So during the failed fake eyelash experiment, I introduced to my friend to two products I can’t seem to get enough of. When I put on each, she was like wow that feels weird!! But the proof is in the results.

Both go on wet but bring an amazing finish.

1. Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder

I had heard such great things about the hydrating powder by Smashbox, but I was not ready to shell out $40-60 to find out their validity. So my search for an affordable option began. I believe I paid about $12 for the Revlon option I landed on. It feels very odd, like a light dusting of  moisture, not quite like water, but definitely wet. Once you get past that, it’s amazing – a great finish to your look. It never feels cakey like many powders do, and it perfectly complements dry to very dry skin.



2. Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

This was a see and want situation, and I just happened to be willing to splurge that day. This spray feels much like a misting fan. It drys quickly and sets your makeup for the night. I typically only use this when I go all out on the eye makeup, and it holds it from streaking and fading much better than any other option I have tried. It runs about $30, but given that I don’t use it every day and that it’s a great product, I’ve never regretted the investment.


What the ??? Holy disappointment batman! Living Proof and PhotoReady Airbrush

Sometimes I build up a product so much in my head that when it doesn’t live up to my standards I am thoroughly disappointed. I had two scenarios exactly like this over the last week.

First up, Living Proof Restore Conditioner. I was SO excited to try this. This one built up a huge rep with me, and after trying it I thought, their marketing is genius!!! I remember seeing endorsements from Sephora and Ulta – and in hindsight I’m pretty sure they were purchased advertorials, not unbiased reviews. Anyhow, it worked ok, but I was really glad I just bought the trial set. The full size is almost 30 bucks a bottle. It smelled like some spice I couldn’t quite identify – paprika? red pepper? The whole time I was in the shower I was trying to figure it out. More importantly, it just didn’t have the magic I expected – it made my hair soft, but nothing miraculous like Pureology Hydrate.





Next was the PhotoReady Airbrush. Ok, this one I built up based on prior product knowledge. The concealer in this line is AWESOME. And I will FULLY admit I didn’t completely read the packaging. So imagine my surprise when I go to spray it on the sponges I bought specifically for airbrush makeup, and it spurts out product all over the side of the can. IT’S NOT A SPRAY!!!!! Keep reading. It’s airbrush MOUSSE. Major letdown. It smelled straight up funky too. On a positive note though, it did provide very nice coverage.

Jersey Shore Style . . .Toned Down

Ok, so there is a reason people make fun of the Jersey Shore gals. They are out of control, in more ways than one. Recently, however, my friend and I had been discussing whether or not you could take a little of the crazy and tone it down. We took it slow, starting with clip in extensions and fake eyelashes. The result . . . massive fail. You should have seen how hilarious it was poking each other’s eyes with tweezers trying to get them to stay on. Eventually we gave up, learning that false eyelashes take practice and patience.

On to the clip in extensions. I took issue with spending tons, so I got a set on eBay for around $30. They were actually great, blended well, stayed in nicely (once I figured out you have open and close the clips, not just stick them in.) However, my hair is currently just above shoulder length and even after I curled it all, it was still painfully obvious that my hair was not long enough to use the extensions. I ended up doing a side pony. I got lots of compliments, but I can’t wait to see how they look once my hair gets past shoulder length.

So overall, the conclusion is yes, you can find a medium ground between glam and gory with the “fake” products – it just takes some patience and a learning curve. Watch for future testing on “tan in a can” and press on eyeliner.